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Florida Governor Promises to Help Puerto Rican Students

By on September 28, 2017

SAN JUAN – Florida Gov. Rick Scott arrived in Puerto Rico on Thursday to help the island after Hurricane María and promised to assist the island’s university students.

“If a student from Puerto Rico ends up in Florida, we will make sure they get resident enrollment at our public universities,” Scott said.

This would mean that these students would pay almost half of the tuition cost of those who are not residents of the state. An estimate of the students who would benefit from this initiative was not provided.

Florida Gov. Rick Scott, left, listens to Gov. Ricardo Rosselló during a press conference Thursday in Puerto Rico. CB photo)

During his visit to Puerto Rico, Scott and Puerto Rico’s governor, Ricardo Rosselló, surveyed the island’s central region by air. They visited the municipality of Cidra to distribute food and water to its residents.

“Many of the things Puerto Rico is going through, [Florida] has been going through, be it energy, food, water, education, housing…we’ve worked with FEMA [Federal Emergency Management Agency] and the private sector. But it’s more difficult here because it is an island,” Florida’s governor said about the island’s access to aid.

Rosselló thanked Scott for his commitment and help despite having to deal with Hurricane Irma himself a few weeks ago.

“It is very important for me to continue helping Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria,” Scott said in Spanish. “We hope Puerto Rico receives everything it needs.”

Speaks to maritime shippers

Scott assured he was in contact with the different shipping and cruise companies that provide service from his state’s ports to help speed up the delivery of donations and supplies to the island.

“I visited a storage center [Wednesday] and they are receiving so many donations that they are trying to see how they can bring here,” said the governor of Florida, recalling that Puerto Rico still faces limitations due to the high volume of cargo sitting at ports.

“When Puerto Rico can receive it, we have a good process in Florida to bring it. That’s my goal,” he added.

Scott said the plan is to receive donations at the ports such as Jacksonville, Everglades and Miami’s, so they can be transported to the island. Asked about the amount of cargo waiting to be sent to Puerto Rico, Scott acknowledged that “no one knows.”


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