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Oriental launches new ad campaign that praises diversity

By on April 25, 2017

SAN JUAN – With a message reaffirming its commitment to bring innovative services to customers after recognizing the diversity in their ambitions and capabilities, Oriental Bank launches  Tuesday evening its new advertising campaign “VIVE” or “LIVE.”

The campaign is the the second phase of “Live the Difference,” the bank’s slogan over the past few years.

The new campaign recognizes the differences between humans, their aspirations and the varied paths they choose to achieve their goals. The ads do not use professional actors but real people representing the diversity of the Puerto Rican population.

“The ads convey the message that Oriental recognizes the value of each customer and our innovative spirit to serve them in a different and unique way. It reaffirms our commitment to find new ways to make life easier for them while recognizing the value of customers who dare to look at their futures differently,” said Idalis Montalvo, vice president of marketing and public relations for Oriental.

The campaign begins nearly a week after Oriental Bank unveiled its financial statement to the markets in an event in which it emphasized its stability and strength. For the past three years, the bank has brought services to facilitate customer transactions including FOTOdepósito, Cardless Cash, and Oriental BIZ.

“We wanted to maximize the message that we are a solid company,” Montalvo said.

Oriental VIVEThe campaign, which will run in traditional and digital media, relies on a $1.5 million investment that includes two 60-, 30- and 15-second ads for TV and film. The creative concept was designed by Markham & Stein Unlimited, the bank’s creative team. Nostrom Group produced the ads. The media strategy was designed by Starcom Mediavest and Pixelogic, the company that also manages the campaign in social media.

The ads, which were filmed entirely in Puerto Rico in places such as Tras Talleres, Luis Muñoz Rivera Park, the Port of San Juan docks and the Equestrian Park emphasized that each person is different, dreams differently and takes a different path.

“We wanted to achieve an emotional connection with the customer, especially during the difficult economic times in which we are living. We want them to aim for more,” Montalvo said.



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