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Puerto Rico gov appoints members of LGBTT Advisory Council

By on August 17, 2017

SAN JUAN — Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rosselló appointed Wednesday the members of an advisory council on issues related to the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual and transgender community (LGBTT), created under Executive Order 2017-037.

Among those named are the executive director of the Puerto Rico Civil Rights Commission, Ever Padilla Ruiz; arquitect Carlos Carrero Rodríguez, director of Ponce’s Centro Arat; and Dr. Miguel Vázquez Rivera, who specializes in clinical psychology.

Also on the council will be the director of the Women’s Studies Project of the University of Puerto Rico (UPR), Sarah Malavé Lebrón; Alberto Giménez, an executive; the administrator of the Administration for the Support of Minors (Asume), Waleska Maldonado; and LGBTT community rights activist Cecilia la Luz.

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The council will be presided by the governor’s adviser on Quality of Life, Johanne Vélez, while the executive director of the group will be legislative adviser Alberto Valentín.

Justice Secretary Wanda Vázquez and Housing Secretary Fernando Gil complete the group, which must report every 180 days to the governor on the progress of the work.

“I am grateful for the availability of these professionals to participate in the Advisory Council on LGBTT matters. Their experience and advice on this subject will result in a better quality of life for this community,” the governor says in a written statement.

Padilla Ruiz earned a juris doctor from Pontificia Universidad Católica’s law school and has studied anti-discriminatory policies, migration, human trafficking and human rights. He is a member of the Ibero-American Network of Organizations and Organizations Against Discrimination.

For his part, Carrero Rodríguez leads Centro Arat, a nonprofit that provides ambulatory medical services, testing for human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and promotes education and prevention.

Vázquez Rivera helped develop the first LGBTT Intervention Certificate from the Puerto Rico Psychology Association, as well as Psicoalternativas Inc., which educates health professionals about the community.

Meanwhile, Malavé Lebrón is also a doctor in clinical psychology, practiced as a psychologist in the Puerto Rico LGBTT Community Center, and has publications related to the LGBTT community and gender violence.

Giménez is an executive with 25 years’ experience in real estate, sales, marketing and the hospitality industry, and knows how to prepare federal proposals; and Maldonado helped develop the “Commitment to the LGBTT Community” section of Rosselló’s Plan for Puerto Rico.

Finally, La Luz stands out for her specialty in the development and implementation of public policy for the LGBTT community. She is the founder of community-based organizations Saliendo del Clóset, United for Equality and Igual que Tú.


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