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Sales & Marketing Executives study reflects Caribbean Business’ online growth

By on April 27, 2017

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SAN JUAN — Caribbean Business and CB en Español have positioned themselves as trending Internet news media in the latest digital behavior study conducted by the Puerto Rico Sales and Marketing Executives Association (SME) and presented before a full house at the Convention Center in San Juan.

Betting on small- and midsize-business sector, the CB en Español website was launched only nine months ago by Latin Media House and already enjoys a solid audience that seeks information on fiscal, political and legislative matters, as well as the economy and the business environment. The growth of this digital platform led to the launch of a printed, free weekly in February.

The announcement was made by Anitza M. Cox, director of Analysis and Social Policy at Estudios Técnicos Inc., during the second day of the 2017 SME Digital Forum, an event that highlights the behavior of Internet users and social networks in Puerto Rico.

“We are very pleased with this great achievement in such a short time that demonstrates the need in our country to obtain information from specialized and prestigious media such as Caribbean Business amid the difficult times Puerto Rico is going through. The fiscal crisis that affects the country has created an environment that’s favorable for niche journalism to acquire special importance with credible, verified and accurate data,” said Rafelli González, digital executive editor of Latin Media House.

“The SME study highlights the need for alternative information that readers need when making decisions,” González added regarding the achievement.

The more than 200-page SME study, prepared in collaboration with the J. Walter Thompson Puerto Rico agency, Estudios Técnicos and SME’s Digital Committee, consists of a representative sample of the island’s population. The investigation summarizes valuable information so digital media can develop their action plans to achieve disseminate their content.

In addition, the study shows platforms of audiovisual content, applications and social media pages preferred by users age 12 or older who access the Internet.

The findings of demographic and psychographic data of Puerto Rican users reveal a decrease in the disparity between men and women’s use of the Internet. Traditionally, women utilized more digital products than men, and according to the new study, both are virtually tied with an average of 70%.

A slight increase of 1% in the incidence of people using the Internet was reflected in the study, with 2.1 million people visiting digital media regularly. In addition, the number of users age 65 and older increased significantly compared with last year’s study.

As for the use of smartphone applications, 58% of those surveyed installed at least one app in the past 30 days. Of these, 19% paid for the app.


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