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UPR Río Piedras Dean Meets with Students

By on April 3, 2017

SAN JUAN – University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras campus (UPRRP) interim Dean Carmen Rivera Vega said Monday that dialogue and mediation with student representatives is ongoing to address their concerns regarding budget cuts to the university system and their proposals to allocate more funds.

“We continue at the multisectoral roundtable with the mediators present, both Mildred Negrón and Dr. Anita Yudkin, and representatives from the university community. These processes are complex and require certain pondering. Advancements in past meetings have revolved around considering agreements that address students’ concerns, some of them being, in last instance, the country’s demands,” Rivera Vega wrote.

The interim dean added that “in light of the difficult situation we are facing as a university and a country, I reiterate the need to remain proactive on the search for alternatives that can contribute to solve the most pressing issues before our consideration.”

Governor says he did right by UPR students

“We are betting on dialogue and the commitment that we all have with the institution,” she said.

Last week the university was closed over a strike in which students protested multimillion-dollar budget cuts to the island’s oldest educational institution included in the government’s fiscal board-certified plan. Student representatives managed to meet with Gov. Ricardo Rosselló and present alternatives to generate more revenue for the university, and they are set to hold a meeting with the oversight board.


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