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Judge dismisses Cidre’s request to have his symbol on ballot

By on September 20, 2016

Judge Ángel Pagán Ocasio

Judge Ángel Pagán Ocasio

SAN JUAN – San Juan Judge Ángel Pagán has dismissed a request by independent gubernatorial candidate Manuel Cidre Miranda, who sought to stop the printing of electoral ballots so he could include his emblem.

Pagán said in a ruling issued Monday that Cidre failed to seek a timely remedy.

“The petition is dismissed because it did not justify granting a valid remedy in law and the [State Election Commission’s] determination was not challenged according to law. We resolve that it is unnecessary to halt the printing of ballots at this stage of the electoral process. The people of Puerto Rico should choose men and women to govern their destiny for the next four years free of any consideration other than a peaceful conscience,” Pagán said.

The judge said that stopping the printing of the ballots to please Cidre could result “in another independent candidate in other municipal and legislative ballots who did not meet the strict requirements to certify an emblem to request the same treatment, changing the rules of the game and putting other candidates at a disadvantage,” he said.

Pagán said that the symbols of political parties surpass political figures. Cidre is an independent candidate and not a political party. Allowing him to use a symbol would be giving him preferential treatment.

The judge said Cidre had other alternatives available because he had the option of placing a picture next to his name. In addition, the independent candidate did not submit his claim on time and intended to be given the same treatment as political parties, he said.

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