Wednesday, October 5, 2022

30 years of relevant retail market information

By on August 25, 2022

Richard Váldes, President Consumer Radiography 2022
Marketing Director of The Retail Group

This year we are celebrating 30 years of Radiografía del Consumidor, a project designed by a group of professionals, who in 1992 wanted to start sharing important and relevant information about the retail market with other members of the food industry. Today, this group’s idea has become the most important food industry study in Puerto Rico.

It is interesting to be able to recognize that the data this study offers is used and shared by all channels and companies related to the retail market. We can observe how the market has evolved over the years, and how customs, habits and trends have been changing, as well as supermarket chains and other retailers that have participated in the local market.

Throughout the 30 years of history, we have seen a population growth, as well as its decrease, along with a change in the average age of the population, which is currently estimated at 42. With more than 25,000 interviews conducted in these 30 years, we can say that we have a tool with accurate information on what has happened historically, and what is happening today.

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