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33 Startups Graduated from Parallel 18’s international acceleration program

By on December 9, 2021

Ninth generation of Parallel18’s

The DemoDay event concluded with the special recognition of the GiveBack Award and People’s Choice Award awarded to Queritel, Boon, and Pryze

P18, the international acceleration program of parallel18, culminated its ninth generation with the celebration of the achievements of 33 companies in its traditional DemoDay event at the Raúl Juliá theater at the Puerto Rico Museum of Art. 

Finally, after more than 20 months of virtual events, the program from the Puerto Rico Science, Technology, and Research Trust (PRSTRT) summoned investors, mentors, and corporate partners to witness and learn about each of the companies’ products and services; as well as the results once the program finished.

The innovative companies that presented during the event were PilotoMail, Awana, Piezas Rush, Seed, Pawls, Surgical Nutrition, Komercia, Glo3D, Maranta Power, Pryze, Queritel, Rum Ratings, Andeno, Tale+, Jetson, DeafTawk, EvoCare, Boon, CelerOps, RMZ Solutions, Don Rifa, Güeno, Kiwi, Privacy Wall, ZenTeam, VitaRx, Cuela, Wayru, Shalder, Cincel, terraFirma, Leadsales and Ensemble SpaceLabs. Overall, 66% of the startups (22) are Puerto Rican-based, the rest come from Mexico, Estados Unidos, Colombia, Singapore, Jamaica, Argentina, and Canada. 

“Our mission, as an organization and our P18 international program, is to support underrepresented founders and their innovative ventures while helping them scale globally. This generation demonstrated that, amidst the pandemic, they worked hard and achieved great results. Puerto Rico offers a unique business ecosystem with quality mentors and high-level business education. This cohort got that experience first-hand,” highlighted Juan Carlos Hernández, parallel18’s Executive Director.

“After 20 intense weeks of work, in-person and online, mentor sessions, business education, surpassing challenges, and obtaining major results, today these 33 companies have been able to demonstrate their achievements and will impact the local and global economy along with their solutions. At the Puerto Rico Science, Technology, and Research Trust, we’re gladly available to help them continue their entrepreneurial development”, expressed Eng. Lucy Crespo, PRSTRT’s Chief Executive Officer.

During the event, several awards were held. Among them is the GiveBack Award, given by two parallel18 alumni. On this occasion, StrainApp (Gen. 8) awarded a cash prize ($500). They will also be providing 6 months of individualized mentorship to the winning startups. The winner of this recognition was Queritel.

Another prize that was given during the celebration was the Oriental Award. The local financial institution selected two startups that, according to their criteria, contributed to Puerto Rico’s economy. The recipients for this award were Evocare and  Piezas Rush, which received $2,000 and $1,000 respectively.

Lastly, the People’s Choice Award, selected by the event’s audience, awarded $1,500 to the first place and $1,000 to the second place. Both cash awards were given thanks to the sponsorship of Plaza Provision and the P18 alumnus StrainApp. The awarded startups were BOON and Pryze.

Access the complete list of the companies presented in the e-book here.

For more information about parallel18 and their programs visit the website:  

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