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Act 20/22 Recipients Launch Online Directory of Service Providers

By on April 21, 2016

SAN JUAN—PR Business Link, billed as the first online service provider directory targeted to people moving to Puerto Rico with businesses that are seizing the opportunity of the tax incentives of Act 20/22, officially launched Wednesday.

img_logoThe website seeks to become a tool that connects future Act 20/22 recipients with local service providers and resources to make their move easier and start moving forward with their businesses, said co-founder Lisa Cogliati.

“What makes this directory distinctive and valuable is that it gives users the ability to review the service providers and read reviews from others who have used their services.”

The site also touts itself as an opportunity for local companies to meet new commercial partners to grow their business and promotes economic development amidst the challenging economic situation in the island. “At PR Business Link we provide a wide variety of engagement opportunities to help bring visibility to local business and service providers. We’ve created a platform that will help them bring new clients and present their brand at the forefront of the local business industry,” said Michael Harrison, the company’s other co-founder.

“One of the most challenging aspects of moving away from home is finding service providers that are good and trustworthy, as well as learning how to get around and finding answers to basic questions concerning daily situations,” said Cogliati, who has a background in customer service and worked for more than a decade in the advertising industry.

While Harrison, a financial trader, first moved to Puerto Rico under Act 22 in 2012,  Cogliati moved to Puerto Rico when her husband decided to establish a business in Puerto Rico under Act 20, and they personally experienced the frustration of not finding reliable resources to help them make a smooth transition to the island.

“Before people even make the decision to move to Puerto Rico, they are searching for service providers online. However, they can’t easily find the information that they need,” she said. “I personally spent many hours in front of my computer researching the Internet for resources that led me to incomplete or out-of-date information.”

“The available sources didn’t necessarily provide the answers I was looking for; and then, when I found one, how could I know that it was trustworthy? After all the hardships that we went through during our move, I realized that I wanted to support others who were moving to Puerto Rico. That’s how my partner and I created the website.”

Apart from featuring news articles, curated articles and editorials, the website includes resources such as guides to PR tax incentives, and links such Living in Puerto Rico, The 20/22 Act Society and the Department of Economic Development and Commerce of Puerto Rico. Local companies can register and request a free basic listing and have additional options for more detailed information and images.

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