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Acting House Speaker Dismisses Aiming for Minority Leader Position

By on November 11, 2016

CAROLINA (INS)—The acting House speaker and reelected district representative for the Popular Democratic Party (PDP), Roberto Rivera Ruiz de Porras, said Thursday he was pleased that PDP president David Bernier has called for a caucus meeting with the party’s elected representatives, purportedly to choose who would occupy the minority leader and alternate leader positions in the lower legislative chamber.


PDP Rep. Roberto Rivera Ruiz de Porras (INS)

However, he added that he does not is not seeking the minority leader position, and that his current actions are strictly focused in carrying out “an organized and transparent transition process in the House of Representative and the Capitol Superintendence.”

The meeting between the PDP president and elected representatives is slated for Tuesday, November 15 at the party’s headquarters in San Juan’s Puerta de Tierra district.

“Since assuming the position of House speaker, I have worked with my team not only with administrative processes, but also with transition reports just as the law dictates,” Rivera said.

He added that Bernier determination was “the right call,” and that he expects the meeting to be about “choosing who would assume the minority leadership in the House. That way, we would immediately insert ourselves in the process [and] legitimize our delegate representation.”

The acting House speaker also said he was pleased with the designation of Carlos “Johnny” Méndez as the new House speaker, describing the New Progressive Party representative as a “capable, responsible and dedicated legislator, with whom I have always kept an excellent communication.”

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