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Aerostar Holds Annual Airport Walkthrough

By on July 5, 2016

SAN JUAN – Employees at Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport, along with representatives from different airlines and members of the airport community carried out the third annual Foreign Object Debris (FOD) Walk with the goal of cleaning up ramps and other areas where airplanes operate. Participants covered about 3 miles of the airport’s operational areas during the walkthrough, searching for any object that could potentially endanger or obstruct the airplanes’ movement.

Aerostar Airport Holdings, which manages Muñoz Marín Airport, conducts the operation annually to create awareness about potential dangers and pick up objects such as plastics, bolts and screws, pieces of metal, and loose bits of luggage, wood, and glass. The debris can cause damage to airplanes’ wheels and possibly their engines, as well as harm people in case objects are expelled.

Aerostar“Operational safety is a priority to us. Thus the importance of promoting and supporting initiatives such as this one,” Aerostar CEO Agustín Arellano says in a release announcing the walkthrough. “Even that which doesn’t seem dangerous on a large scale can pose a threat to areas of operations such as ramps. Any small object can endanger our employees and potentially jeopardize the operation of aircraft,” he added.

At this year’s event participants recovered 10 bags full of debris (less than 20 pounds), the equivalent of more than a 50% reduction compared with last year. It is believed the reduced number of debris found is the result of the awareness effort.


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