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Ahead of campaign closure, NPP accuses Bernier of ‘double discourse’

By on October 25, 2016

By Obed Betancourt

SAN JUAN — The New Progressive Party’s (NPP) campaign closure will be held Sunday, Nov. 6, in front of Miramar’s Convention Center as of 1 p.m., gubernatorial candidate Ricardo Rosselló’s campaign director said.

Elías Sánchez described the Convention Center as “emblematic” because construction began during former Gov. Pedro Rosselló’s administration; it is described as an engine for the economy; it creates jobs; and currently has new developments, which he claims should be positive indicators of Rosselló’s proposals.

New Progressive Party (NPP) supporters gather on San Juan. / File

New Progressive Party (NPP) supporters gather in San Juan. / File

The campaign director said “the entire NPP political leadership will arrive united” with party followers and supporters beyond the political spectrum. He assured there won’t be access problems and that there will be parking lots for the “tenths of thousands” of people expected.

NPP Secretary-General William Villafañe stated he has planned a “joyous,” “impressive” and family-friendly activity, affirming the campaign closure “won’t be traditional.”


NPP calls out Bernier on ‘double discourse’

Meanwhile, Sánchez criticized Popular Democratic Party (PDP) President and gubernatorial candidate David Bernier, saying he has a “double discourse,” due to a released audio file in which Bernier admits he is a sovereigntist.

Sánchez said Bernier hurt the elderly people’s sensibilities when he seemingly belittled former PDP President and Gov. Rafael Hernández in the same audio file. The pro-statehood official accused Bernier of mocking advisers who are already retired from local politics.

“People want to remove this administration,” Sánchez said criticizing San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz for her supposed contradictions and ties to federal convict and former PDP fundraiser Anaudi Hernández Pérez and the contract handed to his sister, Jaycelin.

“This is a bad picture regardless of how you see it,” commented Rosselló’s campaign director.

Sánchez distances NPP from former UPR rector 

Sánchez stated that the NPP handed back the $800 in donations from former University of Puerto Rico (UPR) Dean Juan Varona, who last week was accused in an alleged embezzlement case involving two other former deans.

Varona didn’t occupy a seat on the NPP leadership, but rather in the public workers’ organization, where he was elected. He later resigned his post.

Sánchez asked the PDP to give back donations gathered from Hernández Pérez and other federal convicts who endorsed its candidates.

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