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Air fryers dominate holiday sales

By on November 26, 2018

SAN JUAN – The spokesman of the Retail Sales Association, Iván Báez, said Monday that Black Friday sales results were positive, thanks to earlier store hours, which saw consumers making their purchases in an orderly fashion.

“I think we had an excellent weekend. The decision to open Thursday after the repeal of the Closing Law showed that it was a resounding success. We should say mission accomplished, especially because it was a test. It was the first time it was done after the repeal of the Closing Law,” Báez said in a radio interview (WKAQ).

This year, some stores started their sales at 5 p.m. on Thanksgiving Day. Other stores opened Friday at dawn.

Báez said consumers behaved and made their purchases calmy.

“People found what they were looking for, the items they were looking for; especially electronics, toys. The famous air fryers were the trending item,” said Báez, who is also a spokesperson for Walmart, Sam’s Club and Amigo supermarkets.

“We did not see the commotion, we did not see the sea of people; there was no anxiety. People were buying in an orderly manner. There was enough merchandise. I think the result was positive,” he said. “We cannot measure only Thursday, we have to add the events that happened Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Many stores kept their offers. It was a favorable weekend for retail.”

However, Báez acknowledged that the shopping bonanza occurred despite the government not having paid the so-called Christmas bonus yet, nor have the majority of private companies.

“That’s a barometer of how the season is behaving and I think it’s going to be a very favorable season,” he said.

On Friday, Consumer Affairs (DACO by its Spanish acronym) Secretary Michael Pierluisi also said the earlier store openings were favorable.

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