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Alliance established to foster women-founded-business growth

By on April 12, 2019


Evertec, Business Institute for Women to provide tech-focused training

SAN JUAN – Transaction processing company Evertec and the Instituto Empresarial para la Mujer, or Business Institute for Women, have formed an alliance to drive the growth of businesses founded by women through training that will address the need to expand their knowledge in the use of technology to establish, manage, streamline and grow their businesses.

“The use and knowledge of technology for a company is a catalyst that facilitates its administration and drives its growth. More and more businesses are founded by women and we want to provide the support necessary to make a difference and that they can grow sustainably,” explained Alexandra López, senior vice president of Communications, Marketing and Innovation at Evertec.

As part of the agreement, Evertec will offer training on point of sale systems, digital payments, e-commerce, project management, accounting systems and human resources. In addition, it will provide Business Institute for Women members the opportunity to participate in the beta and pilot phases of new payment solutions that Evertec develops.

“We are very pleased with this agreement with Evertec as it helps us expand the Institute’s services and reach more entrepreneurs,” institute Director Limaris Aponte said. “In addition, it gives our participants the opportunity to [learn about] issues that are highly needed for the establishment, development or expansion of their companies, in hands of the leader in the payment and technology industry. Thanks to Evertec for their support and for promoting our philosophy: Women who want to develop as a businesswoman have the right to an environment, space and the support needed to succeed.”

For information about these workshops and other services of the Business Institute for Women, visit: http://mujeryempresas.org/

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