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Ángel Rosa Urges PDP Supporters to Boycott Status Referendum

By on April 3, 2017

SAN JUAN – Former Popular Democratic Party (PDP) Sen. Ángel Rosa urged his party’s supporters not to vote in the June 11 political-status referendum.

“I think that PDP voters, lacking any option for autonomy in the ballot, this being a plebiscite designed by the NPP [New Progressive Party] simply to divide and liquidate the Popular [Democratic] Party in its own internal problems, must ignore the referendum and stay home and not vote,” he said in a WKAQ 580 radio interview.

Rosa stressed that after the PDP’s loss in the general election last November, the party still isn’t ready for mobilization because he believes there are municipalities still lacking an election commissioner. Therefore, PDP voters would be voting for something they don’t believe in or casting a blank vote without representation in polling schools to safeguard those votes.

Sen. Ángel Rosa stated that the June 11 political-status plebiscite doesn't represent the party's interests, thus encouraging voters to boycott the referendum. (Juan J. Rodríguez/CB)

Ángel Rosa (Juan J. Rodríguez/CB)

“That plebiscite is based on the NPP’s need to legitimize its fight for statehood, because nobody in Congress has paid attention to [the referendum]. They say they won a plebiscite that they didn’t win, then this time they frame it legislatively so that us autonomists don’t have where to vote, we don’t have an option there to defend our ideals,” he said.

The former senator believes the NPP is aware that polls suggest that if PDP voters had to vote between statehood or independence, they would choose statehood three to one, in order to maintain citizenship by birth and the permanent union..

“Then it doesn’t make sense to demand PDP voters to go vote against statehood. The NPP knows that in this predicament, with votes borrowed from the Popular Party, it obtains a super majority that it has never achieved for statehood,” he stated.

Rosa said the NPP also wants to increase internal divisions and personal ambitions within the PDP.

PDP continues efforts in Washington against status referendum

“The Popular Party is currently in a reorganization process that has barely begun and it is–and I know it annoys a lot of people for me to say this, but it is the correct analysis–irreparably and irreconcilably divided on the status issue. And on top of that division, of irreconcilability within the party’s positions, the NPP wants to nail the Popular Party against the wall,” he said.


“The NPP will have problems explaining in Washington why most of its voters, instead of responding to that referendum, decided not to pay attention and remain home. They know that if a lot of people don’t vote they won’t have a credible case to present to Congress,” he added.

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