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New date announced for Animus business development summit

By on November 21, 2017

SAN JUAN – The Animus empowerment and action summit, dedicated to women’s personal and business development, announced that its annual event will be held Dec. 1 at the Sheraton Convention Center in Miramar.

Likewise, as a result of the impact that Hurricane Maria had on the business community on the island, entrepreneurs Lucienne Gigante and Carlos Cobián developed the Animus Rebuild initiative, through which they will donate 30% of the summit’s proceeds to rebuilding efforts of local companies led by women.

The initiative also includes a 30% discount for Animus participants when purchasing their ticket to the summit.

Women’s empowerment summit, Animus, returns to Puerto Rico

“Our purpose is to provide a space to educate, inspire and learn, no matter the moment of life in which we find ourselves. We resumed Animus with great hope to once again provide that space with great energy, tools to reinvent ourselves, to connect and take action,” said Gigante, co-founder of the Animus Innovation Summit.

At this year’s event, more than 30 world-class presenters will participate, including Puerto Rican actress, singer and dancer Rita Moreno.

“Animus invites you to think big, opens doors, connects you and gives you the opportunity to listen to great stories, both successes and failures, which serve as a guide for people of all ages and periods in their careers. This belief and attitude of being daring, connecting and seeking new opportunities is today more revelevant than ever,” said Cobián, co-founder of Animus and founder of Cobián Media.

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