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Animus event again inspires hundreds of women

By on December 1, 2017

Puerto Rican actress Rita Moreno pointed out how perseverance in achieving her dream allowed her to become a film and theater icon. (Yanira Hernández / CB)

SAN JUAN – Hundreds of women gathered Friday to learn and connect with their peers and discuss the changes in the third edition of Animus, which took place at the Sheraton Hotel in Miramar.

The star of the event was Puerto Rican actress Rita Moreno, who delighted the audience with anecdotes about her career and how perseverance in achieving her dream allowed her to become a film and theater icon.

“That’s what mom taught me, perseverance. If you fall, you have to get up and keep moving. One has to believe in one’s vision and not let anyone tell you how you should be,” said the actress who turns 86 next week.

She stressed that to excel, women must overcome their insecurities. “Those things do not disappear, they stay, but the way you work with them is what makes you a mature person,” she said. She also revealed that in order to become successful, she had to face the prejudice of being latina.

Animus is a summit of empowerment and action dedicated to the personal, professional and entrepreneurial development of women, organized by Puerto Rican entrepreneurs Lucienne Gigante and Carlos Cobián.

This year, in addition to Moreno, Bettina Mercado, president of Bettina cosmetics; Master Chef winner and Food Network star Monti Carlo; jewelry entrepreneur Marie Helene Morrow; and the founder of WLJ Advisors, Whitney Johnson, recognized as one of the top  50 women business-leaders in the world, all spoke about their road to success.

Johnson, author of “Disrupt Yourself: Putting the Power of Disruptive Innovation to Work” and “Build an ‘A’ Team: Play to Their Strengths and Lead Them Up the Learning Curve,” captivated the audience with her presentation on how to become an agent of change.

Likewise, Mercado, owner of the only Puerto Rican family business dedicated to making cosmetics and enamel on the island, told the audience about how she has continued her business after Hurricane María affected her operation.

“Puerto Rico se levanta por la gente que está dispuesta a enrollarse las mangas para reconstruir el país, con todas esas personas que se quedan para ayudar a su vecino o a comunidades que no tienen voz. Bettina tiene un compromiso con Puerto Rico. Bettina no se va. ¡Bettina se levanta! Este es el momento de diseñar nuestro futuro de la crisis sirve para revelar tu forma de ser y tu carácter. Muestra el tuyo mujer. Empecemos a demostrar nuestra belleza de adentro hacia fuera”, puntualizó la empresaria.

“Puerto Rico is lifting itself up because people are willing to roll up their sleeves to rebuild the country, with all those people who stay behind to help their neighbor or communities that have no voice. Bettina is committed to Puerto Rico. Bettina will not leave. Bettina gets up! This is the time to design our future; the crisis serves to reveal who you are and your character. Show what you have, woman. Let’s start demonstrating our beauty from the inside, out,” the businesswoman said.

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