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Another resignation for the García Padilla administration

By on September 20, 2016

contratos2San Juan – Luis Castro Agis resigned to his post as administrator of the General Services Administration (ASG by its Spanish initials), La Fortaleza confirmed Tuesday in a press release.

The resignation will be effective Friday, Sept. 23, and Carlos Mendoza, current deputy administrator of ASG, will fill the vacancy on an interim basis.

La Fortaleza has yet to provide more details on Castro’s departure from the agency, but the Justice Department confirmed to Caribbean Business that it is initiating a preliminary investigation into Castro.

The Puerto Rico Office of the Special Independent Prosecutor was notified that the Justice Department opened a preliminary investigation against Castro Agis, which must conclude within 90 days, a Justice spokesperson said. Then, the investigation should be referred to the FEI panel, which has jurisdiction over this type of case, as provided by law.

Castro Agis’ name was mentioned Aug. 24 during testimony in the ongoing government corruption trial against four partners of convicted campaign fundraiser Anaudi Hernández. Castro Agis is not charged in the federal case.

When asked by the federal prosecutor, Héctor Vargas, the first witness against co-defendants in the case and a Popular Democratic fundraiser as well, signaled Castro Agis out on three separate occasions. The first, about cash he loaned him; the second, saying he gave contracts to 3Comm Global; and the third, mentioning he went to the 3Comm Global suite in the Puerto Rico Coliseum after having granted the company a contract with the GSA.

“At one point, in a personal situation he [Luis Castro] had with his brother, I gave him a loan. I lent him cash. I lent $5,000 and he hasn’t paid me yet. That [loan] was in 2014,” Vargas Soto said.

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