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  • Santurce es Ley

    Public Art Has Been Emerging in Various Urban Areas of Puerto Rico, Especially San Juan

    • Posted February 1, 2019
  • Coming Soon: Publisher’s Corner

    'We will all benefit from these leaders’ collective wisdom'

    • Posted November 9, 2018
  • Let’s Avoid Total Annihilation

    The Fiscal Plan proposed by the administration of Gov. Ricardo Rosselló and approved by the Financial Oversight & Management Board unfortunately includes a powerful time bomb that can cause devastating effects on Puerto Rico’s society and economy....

    • Posted March 24, 2017
  • [Editorial] Beware: Title III vs. Title VI

      The wrong choice could have disastrous consequences! Promesa, or the Puerto Rico Oversight, Management & Economic Stability Act, provides a map where there was none to restructure our debt and reorganize our finances. Yet, the discussion...

    • Posted January 12, 2017
  • [EDITORIAL] How to Succeed—by Trying!

    From fiscal and economic chaos in PR, a phoenix rises

    • Posted August 18, 2016
  • What Next? Let’s ReStart!

    As we move to a possible head-on collision with the federal fiscal-control board or Junta, Puerto Rico needs to assure that through credible voices it is heard with regard to the difficult determinations this group of seven will make. The future...

    • Posted July 21, 2016
  • Publisher’s Letter

    Dear Readers: Much to my dismay, the process of restructuring Puerto Rico’s debt is moving toward what I believe is a disastrous path for local bondholders and for the economy as a whole. This issue, which I...

    • Posted February 11, 2016
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