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Availability of Registration Forms for Medical Cannabis Hailed as a Breakthrough

By on March 10, 2016

The Puerto Rico Health Department recently made available the registration forms that patients, companions and doctors would have to fill to use medical cannabis, a move that local medical marijuana firm American Sciences of Puerto Rico (ASPR) hailed as a breakthrough.

medical cannabis“It is a great step for public healthcare in Puerto Rico,” said Roberto González, president of ASPR. He added that such forms provide a safe access to properly registered and certified patients so that within their health diagnosis, they can have a better quality of life. The forms in turn would help achieve a better regulation of the product, he noted. “Continuing with the protocol that the Department of Health has established ensures that patients and physicians use medical cannabis correctly.”

The ASPR president also stressed the importance of education about the benefits that medical cannabis has for patients with cancer, HIV, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s, fibromyalgia, and Parkinson’s, among other conditions. “This product has enormous health benefits for patients with chronic diseases; Puerto Rico needs to know more about them,” he added.

Gonzalez urged about the need to hold massive talks throughout the island on the topic. “It is important to educate the population on the benefits of medicinal cannabis,” he said. “This will guarantee that about 250,000 patients, as estimated by the Health Department, know first-hand from professionals about the positive changes that this product would bring to their medical treatment.”

The President of the Puerto Rican corporation noted that Regulation 155 of the Health Department ensures not only the regulation of medical cannabis, but also its possession, cultivation, manufacture, production, and dispensing.

ASPR is a company created by a group of health professionals in order to investigate the uses of medical marijuana in partnership with the University of Puerto Rico.

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