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Banco Popular: Customers affected in fraud incident to be reimbursed

By on January 22, 2019


SAN JUAN – In a news release published Monday afternoon, Banco Popular alerted bank account holders that it had received “notification about a situation” regarding certain customers’ debit cards.

Providing scant information about the incident, the island’s largest financial institution stated that it wanted “to notify that it has not been a hack to our systems, only some cards compromised at a specific business in the northern area of Puerto Rico.”

The bank did not go into specifics and merely said the number of customers affected was “minimal and the situation is already being worked on to help those people affected by this fraud.”

The institution reassured that it has systems that monitor transactions around the clock.

“We will be analyzing each case, as we usually do, and reviewing the credits to see the unauthorized purchases made in your accounts,” the release reads.

Popular said it would reimburse account holders with credit for each case where fraudulent transactions are identified. Those affected will be sent a debit card with a new number as well.

To avoid fraud, the bank reminded the public that “it is important not to share your secret number with anyone,” and urged customers to enable account alerts on its platform, Mi Banco.

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