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Banco Popular launches campaign in response to uncertainty of Puerto Ricans after Hurricane María

By on September 28, 2018

SAN JUAN – Banco Popular launched an advertising campaign Friday entitled “Cuenta con Nosotros,” or “Count on Us,” highlighting that the institution is always at its customers’ service to provide support and stability during the most critical moments in life.

With a $700,000, the campaign was made in response to the uncertainty in the lives of Puerto Ricans caused by the scourge of Hurricane Maria, which left more than $90 billion in damage to infrastructure.

“At this historical moment, our role is to provide a sense of stability and support. We continue to move forward as drivers of growth, seeking the best for our clients and communities,” said Eduardo Negrón, executive vice president in charge of the Administration Group.

Despite Banco Popular’s publicity showing its integral role in Puerto Rican society and its vast philanthropic work, the financial institution has been the target of attacks by demonstrators who see it as a representative of the great economic interests. Negrón said the bank is interested in Puerto Rico’s progress and has always contributed to the improvement of the island.

“Our organization has always been proud to serve Puerto Ricans and communities and there are groups that resent or consider us the poster child because we symbolize the success of private enterprise and that is part of the responsibility,” Negrón said. “We try to have a lot of sensitivity with these people. We would like to always have dialogue.”

The executive stressed that more 80% of Banco Popular employees donate money to the Popular Foundation, an organization that has granted thousands to the needy. The organization grants free time with pay to employees to work in the communities.

“Puerto Rico has always had this disjunction between business people and those who do not believe in our system,” Negrón said, noting that protests against the bank are sad but do not lower employees’ spirit.

The campaign began its first phase with a call on social networks, where customers were invited to submit photos of what they value most using the hashtag #loquemasvaloro. The first vice president of Client Marketing and Intelligence, Denise Draper, said that more than 1,000 photos were received.

“We received a wide variety of photos that reflected everything from the birth and graduation of a son to landscapes of a memorable trip,” she said.

The second phase focused on highlighting what Popular makes available and is valued most by its customers, which is its 160 branches, more than 600 ATMs, its platforms and its more than 7,000 employees. As a strategy, Banco Popular customers will be able to upload their photo as an image to the access portal of the Mi Banco Móvil application.

The third phase is the launch of a massive radio, film, press, TV and digital campaign.

The TV commercial was filmed at the Ponce Plaza branch by ad agency JWT, whose creative director is Jaime Rosado. Puerto Rican company Nostrom Moving Images and its director, Benoit Gabriel, worked on production of the ad while Reaktor was in charge of post-production. Photography and radio broadcast was by Reynaldo Rodríguez of Rey Studio and Wilfred Morales, respectively.

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