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Banco Vida President Denies Allegations Against Rosselló

By on October 16, 2016

SAN JUAN — Banco Vida President Dr. José Huerta strictly denied any ties between New Progressive Party (NPP) gubernatorial candidate Ricardo Rosselló and the company, dedicated to storing stem cells in Puerto Rico.

“The declarations made today by Sen. Aníbal José Torres are completely false. Ricardo Rosselló hasn’t received any remuneration on behalf of Banco Vida, nor does he participate on the company’s operations or earnings,” he assured.

NPP President and gubernatorial candidate Ricardo Rosselló / File

NPP President and gubernatorial candidate Ricardo Rosselló was accused by PDP Sen. Aníbal José Torres of proposing a stem cell measure that would benefit his company. / File

Huertas explained that the company asked Rosselló for guidance regarding scientific processes, which he offered gratuitously.

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“Rosselló has never received any compensation for the guidance he provided, and that concluded by late 2013. the contract between Banco Vida and the Comprehensive Cancer Center (CCC) was granted in 2014, under the current administration, and at the time of its signing Rosselló wasn’t part of the CCC or Banco Vida,” he affirmed, stressing the NPP candidate was not involved in the agreement.

The doctor added that “in Banco Vida we aren’t interested in getting involved in political processes or sways, which is why we reject being the eye of a political controversy and we won’t allow the labor we do to improve Puerto Ricans’ quality of life to be stained.”

Huertas concluded that he and the people affected “energetically reject these false and libelous declarations made by Sen. Torres, and we regret that he wants to bring political terrain to a company whose only function has been to work in favor of the Puerto Rican people’s health.”

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