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Florida Bankers, Cuban Bank Hold Workshop in Havana

By on July 17, 2016

HAVANA – A banking seminar organized by the Florida International Bankers Association and the Cuban Central Bank was held Sunday at the Hotel Nacional de Cuba in Havana. The technical and educational workshop, the first of its kind in more than five decades, was attended by representatives from banks in Cuba, the United States and other countries.

Hotel Nacional de Cuba (Sandino235 photo)

Hotel Nacional de Cuba (Sandino235 photo)

The participants discussed the composition of the banking and financial systems in Cuba and the United States, measures to prevent money laundering, and supervision, as well as Cuban policies for lending to the state and the public, including new, non-state related transactions.

U.S. representatives explained the regulatory framework affecting banking and financial transactions with Cuba. And executives from other foreign banks that have relations with Cuba spoke about their positive and professional experiences with their counterparts on the island, according to Cubadebate.

Cuban participants explained the impact of the blockade on Cuban international banking transactions and the inability to make payments and cash deposits in dollars despite the U.S. government measure adopted in March authorizing the use of the currency by Cuba.


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