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Bar Association: House speaker must publish report on impeachment

By on July 24, 2019

Says it must take immediate action before ‘situation’ becomes more ‘dangerous’

SAN JUAN – The Bar Association of Puerto Rico (CAAPR by its Spanish initials) urged the House of Representatives on Wednesday and its speaker, Carlos “Johnny” Méndez Núñez, to immediately publish the report prepared by the three jurists who reportedly concluded the governor may have committed high crimes and misdemeanors involving unbecoming conduct.

“Citizens deserve to know the content of the report, as the Bar did when publishing its own, even amid the apparent imminence of the Governor’s resignation. The historical duty and call in general is that the Chamber act without delay and gather the necessary votes to make an accusation,” Puerto Bar President Edgardo Manuel Román Espada said in a statement.

Puerto Rico Bar Association President Edgardo Román Espada (Screen capture)

As per news reports, the special commission appointed by the House speaker, which was composed of three jurists, concluded that there is sufficient ground to conduct the constitutional impeachment process against Rosselló Nevares, the Bar said.

“The conclusions of the report are an unequivocal call for the leader of the Chamber to respond to the will and demands of the Country,“ the release by the lawyer’s association reads.
“The determination reached by the special commission of the House of Representatives validates conclusions of the report provided by the Association on July 19, 2019, and constitutes a moral mandate, a historical imperative, for the Body to make the relevant accusation,” Román said.

The content of the governor’s chat messages contain the necessary elements required by the Constitution of Puerto Rico to direct a process aimed at removing him from office, the lawyers stressed.

“The legislative leadership has in its hands the historical responsibility and the patriotic obligation to put an end to this governance crisis and restore the people’s trust in their institutions. The longer Rosselló Nevares remains in La Fortaleza, the more dangerous the situation can become,” Román insisted.

Access the report here.

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