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Bayamón Heart, Lung & Esophageal Institute: Medical History in the Making

By on September 10, 2020

Bayamón Heart, Lung & Esophageal Institute

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When it opens its doors in March, the Bayamón Heart, Lung & Esophageal Institute will transform Bayamón Medical Center into a comprehensive healthcare complex unequalled in the island’s hospital industry, said José L. Quirós, CEO of Dorado Health Inc., the parent company and owner of Manatí Medical Center, Mayagüez Medical Center and Bayamón Medical Center, which includes the Puerto Rico Women and Children’s Hospital and now the Bayamón Heart, Lung & Esophageal Institute.

“We will have the technology and the medical talent that will allow us to provide the people of Bayamón, its surrounding areas, and all of Puerto Rico for that matter, with innovative and specialized medical procedures that will address their more pressing health issues and add to their quality of life,” said Quirós. “With the Bayamón Heart, Lung & Esophageal Institute, people who live on the island will not have to necessarily travel to the mainland United States for procedures related to the heart, the lungs, and the esophagus as well, for a level of professionalism, care, and resources that can match those of institutions such as Cleveland Clinic and Mount Sinai Hospital.”

The $17 million investment in the Bayamón Heart, Lung & Esophageal Institute at Bayamón Medical Center includes two da Vinci robotic surgical systems. Quirós said the investment in equipment and medical talent is well worth it, and is in fact essential to remain competitive in the industry.

“You have to continuously invest because science is in constant development and evolution, and you must have the latest in equipment and technology, which in turn will allow you to hire the most prepared and talented medical doctors,” said Quirós. “One of the greatest satisfactions of this business is that while you are investing in order to remain competitive and become a leader, you are also helping people deal with their health conditions.”

Quirós added that the same constant evolution of science calls for a flexible business plan that can adapt to the changes and advances in the medical industry.

“People ask me to show a business plan, but the truth is that this is an industry where changes can happen in terms of months,” Quirós said. “You have to be able to know how to react, adapt, and take advantage of those changes for the organization to grow, and to provide the best care possible to patients.”

In the case of the Bayamón Heart Lung & Esophageal Institute, Quirós said Dorado Health is committed to recruiting the best talent so the institution can rival stateside care, and an example of this is the fact that Dr. Javier Castillo has joined the team. Before joining the

Bayamón Heart, Lung & Esophageal Institute, Dr. Castillo served as director of the Hispanic Valve Center at the renowned Mount Sinai Hospital in New York. Dr. Castillo is also the executive director of the Mitral Foundation and the international director of the Structural Heart Disease Program at Universidad Complutense in Madrid, Spain.

“The fact that Dr. Castillo joined us is a testament to the potential of our mission at the Bayamón Heart, Lung & Esophageal Institute and the caliber and excellence of our medical faculty,” said Quirós, who also highlighted how essential the support of Oriental Bank has been in the journey toward making the institute a reality. “Oriental has really demonstrated that it not only supports the local industry but also cares about the health of the people of Puerto Rico.”

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