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Bebo’s Café administrators: Former owners were accused of tax evasion, not us

By on October 11, 2018

SAN JUAN – After the Puerto Rico Justice Department announced Thursday its filing of 80 charges against the former corporations and owners of two restaurants for not remitting the sales and use tax (IVU by its Spanish acronym) to the Treasury Department, PLM Food Service, which currently manages Bebo’s Café, issued a release saying the company has nothing to do with the accused.

PLM Food Service explained it has been running the restaurant since 2014, and reiterated that it and those accused of Puerto Rico Internal Revenue Code violations “do not have or have had any business relationship,” adding that the charges from 2014 onward refer to the administrators of Basilias restaurant, not Bebo’s Café.

PLM Food Service assured it has complied with its legal and tax obligations, both with the government of Puerto Rico, as well as with the municipality of San Juan.

The accused corporations were BC Food Services Inc., BC 2 Food Services Inc., Sabor Isleño CL-LLC and Mercedes Food Services Inc., and their managers.

“The corporations, along with their executives, stopped remitting the sales and use tax between 2013 and 2016. These corporations stopped presenting various corporate income tax returns and certain [sales and use tax] returns,” the Justice Departement said in a release.

“During that period of time, they withheld and did not remit to the Department of the Treasury $625,047 in taxes that they illegally failed to pay to the people of Puerto Rico. That figure, together with interest and penalties, could amount to approximately $1.2 million,” it added.

Judge Edgar Figueroa Vázquez, of the Court of First Instance of San Juan, found cause for arrest and imposed a $40,000 bail. The preliminary hearing was scheduled for Dec. 4.

The accused face a fixed penalty of eight years and one day in prison for each of charge.

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