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Bernabe Acknowledges PPT Will Not Stay Inscribed

By on November 8, 2016

Gubernatorial candidate for Working People’s Party (PPT by its Spanish initials) Rafael Bernabe accepted this afternoon that his party will not stay inscribed due to the preliminary results emitted by the State Election Commission (CEE by its Spanish initials).

According to CEE’s preliminary numbers, the PPT hardly reached a 1% of the votes by 5 p.m., under the minimum of 3% required to stay inscribed.

PPT gubernatorial candidate Rafael Bernabe (CB photo/ José Carmona)

PPT gubernatorial candidate Rafael Bernabe (CB photo/ José Carmona)

“I do not want to sugar coat this. There are no doubts that the results, obviously for us, are disappointing. But when we go to battle, we see the results, examine the errors and we can see what we can do better in order to overcome them in the future,” commented the former professor of the University of Puerto Rico.

In question to whether he will continue being in charge of this party, Bernabe was emphatic to note that the party must continue without him, leaving a glimpse that this will be his last attempt as a gubernatorial candidate.

“My position is that the party must continue. The Working People’s Party already has a name in Puerto Rico, it is known as a job realized. It is not a matter of simply erasing and creating a new slate. The PPT has friends, allies…groups that have come to us, that have endorsed us, that have a favorable opinion of our positions. They are groups of every type that are not necessarily from the PPT. The LGBT, women’s groups, environmental groups, labor groups. We will be meeting with those groups to examine what happened in the PPT process and as a group, how we can go forward,” he expressed.

According to Bernabe, the PPT is a tool to boost social strife, to promote equality, social justice, promote human rights and decolonization.

“We will continue evaluating what happened, in light of the objective being to promote what I just pointed out,” he added.

In regards to the questioning by CB in Spanish upon the remote possibility of more votes entering in favor of the party and of staying inscribed, Bernabe said that he does not dismiss it.

“I cannot dismiss it, the possibility always exists but we need to be modest and realistic. In this moment, we need to jump from 1% to 3%, which is a very big jump. And it is difficult to think that it could happen,” he admitted.

From her part, Marianna Nogales, PPT candidate for Resident Commissioner, stressed what the PPT project represents in root of the non-registration of the party.

“It is important to acknowledge that the project PPT represents is one born incorporating new people, young adults, women, people dedicated to the environment and other organizations that are nurturing the project of the working people’s party. And after a process of reorganization, we will still be a viable alternative for future occasions,” noted Nogales.

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