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Bernabe Claims Only the PPT can Guarantee “Thorough” Change

By on November 5, 2016

SAN JUAN — Working People’s Party (PPT by its Spanish acronym) gubernatorial candidate Rafael Bernabe affirmed Saturday the “thorough” change Puerto Rico needs is only possible through a “political instrument” in the hands of the “working people.”

Thus, he encouraged to vote for the PPT because it is “a vote that constructs” and will allow the organization to continue its fight, even after election day.

“On these elections you can emit three votes: the vote that is the same as always, the punishment vote, or the vote that constructs. The vote that is the same as always is a vote for the [Popular Democratic Party (PDP)] and the [New Progressive Party (NPP)]. It is the vote that keeps us where we are, it is the vote for the parties that can’t do changes for Puerto Rico and we must remember why they can’t do that change: because they are parties devoted to grand economic privileges,” manifested Bernabe in front of a group of  followers on PPT headquarters in Piñero Ave., San Juan.

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The university professor explained the “punish vote” represents a vote for independent candidates Alexandra Lúgaro and Manuel Cidre. Although he acknowledged this type of voting “has its merit,” he opined that after November 8 “it doesn’t have consequences because it doesn’t build a movement. It is a vote for the individual, a separate candidacy that doesn’t construct the social movement we need in Puerto Rico to transform the county.”

After this, he insisted on a vote for the PPT because it is the party willing to fight against the ‘big interests,’ insurance companies and creditors, which would impose responsibility to foreign companies. He also requested a vote for his party’s other candidates, especially legislative hopefuls Félix Córdova and Amarilis Pagan, since they are “people that have been active” on the defense of the working class’ rights.

“Don’t stay in your house on Tuesday. You have to get out and vote, but you cannot give your vote to the parties that have governed us for 48 years and have brought us to the current crisis, and don’t limit yourself to vent; reject those parties because that vent will not have major consequences after the eighth. On November 8, give that vote that constructs, that vote that allows to keep working for the social fight,” expressed Bernabe before a public that shouted “make way,” the PPT’s slogan.

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The gubernatorial candidate made a call during his message to extinguish the colonial relationship between the island and the United States and to fight against the Fiscal Oversight Board, for being the entity that “pretends to make decisions” without being elected by the people.

Musical groups Hijos de la Caña, Conjunto Cámara and Sayonara Señorita Ska animated the event, on which other PPT leaders also offered their campaign closure messages.

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