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Bernabe votes down-ballot for PPT, makes an appeal to undecided voters

By on November 8, 2016


PPT gubernatorial candidate Rafael Bernabe (CB photo/ José Carmona)

PPT gubernatorial candidate Rafael Bernabe (CB photo/ José Carmona)

SAN JUAN – The gubernatorial candidate for the Working People’s Party (PPT by its Spanish initials), Rafael Bernabe, voted for his party’s candidates on all three ballots and urged undecided voters to dare to vote differently.

Bernabe arrived at about 9:45 a.m. in Santurce’s Universidad del Sagrado Corazón accompanied by his wife and son, where to questions from the press he indicated there was still time for change.

“We are living a moment of great fluidity in Puerto Rico, of change in ideas and structures. Many people are for the first time considering breaking with the traditional two-party system. They have different options. We have pointed out that we need to break the two-party system up and have to cast a vote that won’t disappear tomorrow; one that’s not a matter of one day, one that’s a vote for a project to continue building the social movement we need, and the vote that builds that is a vote for the PPT,” the party founder said before casting his vote openly.

Bernabe added that contrary to what many people think, that the latest polls place the party last, a vote for the PPT is a vote for the future.

“The poll that matters is today’s; the poll that counts is the vote we cast with our conscience, voting for what we think Puerto Rico needs,” the former University of Puerto Rico professor said. “I believe no one should allow their vote to be determined by polls or some analysts, nor determined by the press or anyone other than an a person’s conscience.”

Every vote the PPT receives, Bernabe said, is a vote that will strengthen the fight for democracy and social justice.

Asked if he could beat independent candidates Alexandra Lúgaro and Manuel Cidre, Bernabe indicated that voters would decide.

“We believe the PPT’s advantage is that the independent candidates, and I say this with all due respect, I think they have done an important job, but the PPT is a lasting project. The PPT isn’t the candidacy of Rafael Berrnabe, which ends today. The PPT is a project to continue this social justice movement tomorrow in Puerto Rico,” Bernabe said. “That’s the PPT’s edge.”

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