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Bernie Sanders’ Campaign Present In Puerto Rico

By on February 10, 2016

SAN JUAN — Senator Bernie Sander, who will face former secretary of state Hillary Clinton in primaries for the candidacy for president of the United States from the National Democratic Party already has made its presence felt in Puerto Rico.

Today two Hispanic strategists from the Vermont Senator’s electoral committee arrived in Puerto Rico to begin meetings with political, labor, student and community sectors. Sanders is the favorite over Hillary Clinton in tonight’s Democratic presidential primary in New Hampshire.

Arturo Carmona, director of Hispanic Affairs for Sanders’ campaign, said, “we are very enthusiastic with the great support we are receiving from the community in Puerto Rico.”

He added he would be meeting tonight with representatives of Puerto Rican politics at the headquarters of the Puerto Rico Bar Association.

Politicians in Puerto Rico who have expressed their support for Sanders’ candidacy include Rep. Manuel Natal and Rep. Luis Vega Ramos from the Popular Democratic Party, and senator Carmelo Ríos for the New Progressive Party.

Senator Sanders has been clear in his support for Congress to authorize the restructuring of Puerto Rico’s public debt. While he does not have a concrete proposal at the moment regarding the issue of Puerto Rico’s political status, he supports in principal that “people should be able to decide their future.”

The Democrat election in Puerto Rico is set for June 5, on the same day as general primaries for the general elections in November.

The current leadership of the Democratic Party in Puerto Rico, headed by former senator Roberto Prats and former secretary of state Kenneth McClintock, openly supports Hillary Clinton’s candidacy.


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