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Bernier calls on independent candidates to join in ‘a new majority’

By on October 31, 2016

SAN JUAN – The president of the Popular Democratic Party (PDP), gubernatorial candidate David Bernier, addressed the island in a televised message Monday night in which he called on Puerto Ricans, “no matter political affiliation,” to form a new majority to “achieve the transformation the country needs.”

Bernier appealed directly to independent gubernatorial candidates Manuel Cidre and Alexandra Lúgaro to join the “New Majority” and become active partners in his administration.

Popular Democratic Party (PDP) candidate David Bernier arrives to the Junteconómico Gubernatorial Forum (Juan J. Rodriguez/CB)

Popular Democratic Party (PDP) candidate David Bernier(Juan J. Rodriguez/CB)

“Let’s give the country a government that seeks, without fanaticism, tools to boost our economic development and that sits in front of the Fiscal Oversight Board to guarantee you a sensible debt restructuring process that protects jobs and pensions and lays the groundwork for our growth,” Bernier said.

In his speech, Bernier said a vote for the other candidates won’t bring the changes people “yearn for.” On the contrary, it puts in danger that the country’s reins fall in the hands of a candidate who threatens people’s pockets, jobs, integrity and the well-being of all Puerto Ricans, a party release reads.

“Let us build together a New Majority that will transform weariness into strength that puts Puerto Rico back on the path of hope. […] Together we can implement the political reform we want. Together we can achieve the growth and economic stability we need. I ask you to give me a vote of confidence to build the New Majority and begin to transform Puerto Rico,” Bernier added in his message.

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