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Bernier commits to creating a ‘new majority’

By on November 1, 2016


(Limarys Suárez/CB)

SAN JUAN – The president of the Popular Democratic Party (PDP), gubernatorial candidate David Bernier, asked Puerto Ricans for a second day to trust him with their vote in the upcoming elections in order to build a “new majority” intended to govern outside party lines, but at the same time called for a vote for the PDP.

“We don’t have to think alike to work together. This new majority I propose is the one the country needs to overcome the problems we have had with the political class, corruption, the lack of continuity of processes. This new majority is accompanied by specific proposals that allow different sectors to make common cause with Puerto Rico, to have the necessary tools to overcome the crisis. This is the correct path. Within days of the most important elections in the history of Puerto Rico it is important that this dialogue continue and we go to the polls to cast a vote for a different way of governing,” Bernier said alongside several representatives, senators and Isabela Mayor Charlie Delgado.

Bernier explained that the “new majority” aims to attack political corruption with zero political investment; carrying out electoral reform; unicameralism; having an open, efficient and digital government 24/7; defending the interests of the people of Puerto Rico before the fiscal oversight board; auditing public finances; economic development that boosts local business and agriculture; pushing for section 245a of the federal Internal Revenue Code to be amended; tax reform; and an economic development alliance.

“For that new majority, I want to call on all Puerto Ricans, regardless of their political affiliation, and that includes my colleagues running as independent candidates, who, once the elections are finished, in the process of building the new work team, I will have their collaboration,” he said.

The PDP candidate emphasized that Puerto Rico needs a governor who has interests in Puerto Rico and not in political fanaticism. Regarding his call to the independent candidates Monday in a televised message for them to join his administration, Bernier insisted he is putting Puerto Rico ahead of personal interests.

“The reaction of my independent colleagues surprised me and I find it surprising that they resort to insults. We really have to change, and Puerto Rico has to be the priority. There is no room for small ideas or for large egos here. I would never ask you to betray your followers, but to help us when we win,” he said.

Although he is aware of the unrest in the electorate about the two-party system, which he represents as president of the PDP, Bernier said he is making changes to the party to open up and work with people of all ideologies.

“I’m making major changes to one of the country’s main parties. I am a candidate for governor and ask the people to vote for me. The problem of the two-party system is one of the problems I’m addressing at one of the main parties, and evaluate which candidate has been willing to fight and transform this political institution that everyone knows isn’t negotiable. No one can stop this political institution’s process of transformation,” he said.

How do you propose a “new majority,” asking the people to vote for PDP candidates, several of whom are in this administration, which is one of the responsible ones for the the island’s crisis, Caribbean Business asked.

“What’s fundamental here are the things one’s willing to do, and that’s what my trajectory is for. This is a different style of leadership and whoever accompanies me on that path must have similar styles,” he replied.

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