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Bernier Demands Federal Legislation Respect Pension Payments

By on May 3, 2016

David Bernier

PDP gubernatorial candidate David Bernier

SAN JUAN – In a statement Tuesday, Popular Democratic Party (PDP) gubernatorial candidate David Bernier demanded that any congressional legislation on Puerto Rico’s debt make the payment of pensions a priority.

“In their efforts to find a justification for not helping Puerto Rico, sectors in Congress come up with a new objection. Now a group of Republican congressmen are going against our retirees,” Bernier said. “The greatest debt Puerto Rico has, which besides being economic is also socially just and morally necessary, is the commitment our society has with the dozens of thousands of public servants who after a life of honoring the country with their service and after having contributed financially toward their retirement, expect that double debt with them to be honored.”

“We reiterate that our retirees must have safeguards in any restructuring process. We must be very watchful, and the resident commissioner has to make an unequivocal commitment to our retirees that he will not leave them helpless during the proceedings in Congress,” Bernier added.

For the PDP president, retirees “cannot be a matter of negotiation with Republicans. As I have said before, worse than not approving anything would be approving something harmful to the country, as would be the case if we sacrifice our retirees, amid a debt we have to pay in fair conditions, that allows for our fiscal recovery, in negotiation with our creditors.”

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