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Bernier assures his candidacy is “a life commitment”

By on November 6, 2016

From early morning, dozens of Popular Democratic Party (PDP) supporters gathered in the premises of the Hiram Bithorn Stadium’s parking to participate in gubernatorial candidate David Bernier’s campaign closure. The atmosphere was one of celebration as thousands of red and white flags fluttered in the air.

  • (Felipe Torres/CB)

Several speakers gave messages of unity to the party, including San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz and Resident Commissioner candidate Héctor Ferrer. However, a common denominator during the speeches was a constant reference to a “Puerto Rican nation”.

The surprise of the afternoon was carried out by TV hostess and Bernier’s wife, Alexandra Fuentes, when she addressed the public in her usual easygoing style. The public’s euphoria was evident during her speech.

“You have made me reaffirm that I made the right choice when I decided to support the best candidate. We have to build an inclusive country. This is what this election is all about,” said Fuentes.

“My husband has been my compass, my mentor. This is why I, Alexandra Fuentes, decided to share my husband, the father of Adrián and Miranda, with you,” she added.

For his part, Bernier carried his speech from the top of a truck, instead of using the podium at the main stage. Bernier emphasized his work as a public servant and the fact that he comes from a humble family.

“This Tuesday, the country will realize that we need to build a new majority to move Puerto Rico forward. I have been preparing all my life for the moment my homeland needed me. My gubernatorial candidacy is not a personal whim, it is a life commitment,” said Bernier in reference to New Progressive Party (NPP) Ricardo Rosselló’s candidacy.

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