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Bernier “failed as interim governor,” NPP legislator says

By on October 5, 2016

SAN JUAN – Rep. Ricardo Llerandi Cruz said Tuesday that Popular Democratic Party (PDP) President David Bernier doesn’t have the credibility to present proposals, since as an interim governor, he vetoed a project aimed for prison inmates.

(CB/ Juan J. Rodríguez)

Popular Democratic Party (PDP) President and gubernatorial candidate David Bernier (CB/ Juan J. Rodríguez)

“His words are not in accordance to his actions as interim governor,” he said, and called upon the PDP gubernatorial candidate to explain why he vetoed House project 1794, known as Project Esperanza (Hope).

The New Progressive Party (NPP) senator criticized Bernier of “bragging” that he was the consensus candidate. “However, when he faced a project that could have freed inmates who could have been convicted by error due to our imperfect system, he decided to veto it although the bill had been approved unanimously by both legislative branches.”

Llerandi Cruz explained that, months later, Governor Alejandro García Padilla had to “amend the mistake,” by approving House Bill 2570, “which is practically identical to the one that Bernier vetoed.”

The legislator maintained that Bernier “failed as interim governor,” when he was Secretary of State and García Padilla was traveling.

“Now he proposes to use technological measures to combat crime, but when he had the chance to put into practice what he proposes today, he objected,” insisted Llerandi Cruz.

The pro-statehood politician added that when Bernier was assigned to restructure the government, he didn’t achieve his goal yet nowadays promises to reform the government as a candidate.

Llerandi Cruz said the PDP president “was second in command when 95 new taxes were approved, and lobbied in favor of increasing the Sales & Use Tax and the Crudita , although now he denies he was part of the current administration.”



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