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Bernier: Not Voting for Perelló Does not Imply Vote for Another Party

By on September 17, 2016

David Bernier, Popular Democratic Party (PDP) president and gubernatorial candidate, clarified Saturday that his declarations regarding his refusal to vote for Rep. Jaime Perelló do not imply a call for electors to give their vote to another party’s candidate in the legislative ballot.

“I don’t encourage anyone to give away their vote. On the contrary, the vote isn’t given freely, the vote is sacred–one has to exert it with a lot of responsibility. In this case, my response has been specific and under that column [in the ballot] there are other PDP candidates to whom voters may grant the vote,” expressed Bernier after a forum with the other gubernatorial candidates conducted in the University of the Sacred Heart (USC by its Spanish initials).

(CB/ Juan J. Rodríguez)

(CB/ Juan J. Rodríguez)

The former Secretary of State refused to comment regarding Perelló’s message on Twitter about the importance of voting “under the Pava” (the pava is the PDP’s identifying symbol), as professed by PDP founder and former governor Luis Muñoz Marín.

“I have been clear and specific, and I have been equally consistent in the decisions I have made since being a public server. The country needs to transform. It deserves an honest government. It deserves to go forward and I am committed to that,” maintained Bernier when asked about the line Perelló pretended to draw between Muñoz Marín’s leadership and his.

The gubernatorial candidate denied his controversy with Perelló, whom he unsuccessfully petitioned to abandon his aspirations for reelection, may weaken the party.

“Doing what’s right never weakens. The fact that it is a route that generates noise, that generates trauma, doesn’t mean it weakens. On the contrary. it is just that there is no way of doing things unless they are done right, making the correct decisions,” he expressed, insisting his situation with the former House speaker is a closed chapter.

Perelló’s declarations on his Twitter account have been the representative’s only public expressions since he left the House presidency upon Bernier’s request, after he was associated with a government corruption trial in which various House members have been accused. The PDP president said he hasn’t met or talked to the legislator since then.

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