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Bernier Reiterates General Elections Not Plebiscitary

By on July 6, 2016

David Bernier, the Popular Democratic Party (PDP) candidate for governor, said today that the coming general elections on November 8 are not plebiscitary but to choose the governor that will try to get Puerto Rico out of the crisis it is going through. He downplayed the efforts by his main opponent Ricardo Rosselló to force the discussion of the political status issue over the proposals to address Puerto Rico’s fiscal crisis.

Bernier said that in the coming elections voters will have before them the decision to choose the leader who has the experience to deal with the federal fiscal control board and present before it real proposals to address the fiscal crisis in Puerto Rico.

After pointing out that Puerto Rico’s life depends on the coming general election in November, Bernier made a detailed profile of the person that should be chosen governor, highlighting governmental capacity and experience.

He said that in the legislative process at the federal congress the PDP made unsuccessful efforts to achieve modifications to PROMESA, but now that it has been approved “we aim at presenting a five-year fiscal plan focused in securing funds for the retirement systems and a plan to restructure debt.”

In this sense he said that the PDP “has been working on a plan to present to Puerto Rico and that Puerto Rico knows about it and afterwards that same plan would be presented to the board.”

“We will present to the board a plan that will have the support of the people,” said the PDP candidate for governor in a press conference at the party’s headquarters in the Puerta de Tierra sector of San Juan.

Bernier insisted that in the coming elections “what will be decided is the governor that will manage a difficult situation (Puerto Rico is facing.”

He also reiterated that the statues issue will not be addressed in the coming general elections, “but these will be to choose a governor that can work with the federal fiscal control board to solve the situation of Puerto Rico as soon as possible.”

Bernier also appeared pleased with the language regarding Puerto Rico in the national Democratic Party’s program which proposes helping Puerto Rico, maintaining the island’s self-government.

Regarding what would be presented to the federal fiscal control board he said “the first thing that that board is going to realize is that economic development has to be promoted,” and that the relationship with the board and what will be done to address Puerto Rico’s fiscal problem “will be an intense and complex problem.”

On the growing crime wave reported in the past weeks, Bernier said “Puerto Rico is a very safe place for tourists.”


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