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Bernier Urges Government to Refrain from Generalizing Tax-Evading Sectors

By on April 24, 2016

SAN JUAN – Popular Democratic Party candidate for governor David Bernier issued a statement Sunday condemning what he called provocative generalizations, which “far from helping, unfairly hurt organizations and citizens who fulfill their social responsibility.”

PDP gubernatorial candidate, David Bernier, is urging lawmakers to approve a moratorium on debt service.

PDP gubernatorial candidate David Bernier

He said that although efforts to ensure compliance with tax liabilities are necessary, “tax evasion must be combated without criminalizing, through generalizations, legitimate activities such as professions, churches or business sectors. Treasury must do its work and refrain from making remarks that could leave the innocent paying for the sins of the guilty.”

The gubernatorial hopeful said the vast majority of churches fulfill their responsibility to the government and make significant contributions to society.

Saying it isn’t the first time the government makes remarks of this sort, he added that, last year, the government signalled out professional groups “like our doctors, who ironically have fiscally maintained the healthcare system by continuing to provide quality services despite the government’s delay in payments.”

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