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Bernier’s campaign manager resigns

By on August 26, 2016

Liza Ortiz Camacho and David Bernier

Liza Ortiz Camacho and David Bernier (Screenshot of Liza Ortiz Camacho’s Twitter account)

SAN JUAN – Liza Ortiz Camacho, the director of the Popular Democratic Party (PDP) president and gubernatorial candidate’s election campaign, has resigned.

“I hereby resign immediately and irrevocably. I do so by this means to not give any space for speculation about what my reasons for doing so are. I thank you giving me your complete trust yesterday, understanding that what has recently transpired is merely a political attack to try to link you to separate proceedings, but at times like these, we must grow and make responsible and courageous decisions,” reads the campaign manager’s resignation letter.

“I am a person of integrity, and these attacks do no one any good, neither you nor I, a professional who has earned an honest living,” Ortiz explained.

Ortiz Camacho did not immediately answer calls seeking comment.

This is the latest development following gubernatorial candidate David Bernier’s call for House Speaker Jaime Perelló to resign amid a corruption trial underway related to various government contracts, including members of the speaker’s campaign finance committee, in which she has been mentioned.

Ortiz Camacho’s departure adds to speculation of the possible resignation of the secretary-general of the PDP, Javier Echevarría, who allegedly is leaving for a post in the judiciary branch. Echevarría has neither denied nor confirmed his resignation.

Read Ortiz Camacho’s resignation letter.

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