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Bhatia Dismisses Bernier’s Remarks on New Legislative Leadership

By on August 15, 2016

SAN JUAN – Sen. Eduardo Bhatia downplayed expressions by the gubernatorial candidate of his party, David Bernier, about wanting new legislative leadership for the next four years were he to be elected Nov. 8.

In July, Bernier said before his party’s general council that he would seek the election of a new legislative leadership that he could work with for the passage of campaign promises.

The Senate president said he was flattered by that type of comment and recalled that gubernatorial candidates always seek legislative leadership they can control.

Eduardo Bhatia

Senate President Eduardo Bhatia

Bhatia also said he had already let Bernier know he would seek the upper chamber’s presidency again if a legislative majority was reached in that body.

“I also told [Bernier] that is a compliment for me because all the governors who I have known have always wanted to say who the president of the body is and, unanimously, senators never choose that person,” Bhatia said, adding, “A person with my independence is sometimes a threat to some people.”

After being chosen as the PDP candidate for governor, Bernier asked for a vote of confidence to choose candidates for the Legislature to work with him, contrary to Gov. Alejandro García Padilla’s case. He did not have the support of legislators to pass legislation important to his administration, as was tax reform.

Bhatia said he has no problems with the gubernatorial candidate and will vote for him. And also spoke about House Speaker Jaime Perelló, who he believes should not resign due to a corruption investigation underway into House contracts.

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