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Bhatia: Prepa Set to Integrate Private Power Generation

By on March 16, 2016

During an energy forum held by the Chamber of Commerce of Puerto Rico on Wednesday, Senate President Eduardo Bhatia said that because of the recently enacted Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority (Prepa) Revitalization Act, the electric utility is in the initial stages to integrate private power generation entities into its system.


Senate President Eduardo Bhatia

“I have been informed that Prepa has begun the process to open the field of power generation to private entities. Within this process, on July 1, the request for proposals for entities to submit their proposals to the Authority is expected to open,” the Senate President said.

Bhatia also revealed that, so far, Prepa has received more than ten requests of interest from companies interested in contracting with the authority to provide electricity.

“This administration has directed the transformation of Puerto Rico through the approval of Laws 54-2014 and 04-2016. Both transform the Electric Power Authority, a corporation that for years operated without its management being held accountable to consumers,” Bhatia said.

While the process of opening Prepa to private generation takes place, Bhatia said the Senate is in the process of creating an entity that will be in charge of buying fuel for Prepa. This would leave in the past the dubious oil procurement processes that the Senate is currently investigating through public hearings.

This week, the Senate went to court to force the head of Petro West, the utility’s main fuel supplier, to appear before the Senate panel investigating oil purchases.

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