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Bhatia to be new Senate minority leader

By on November 14, 2016

Senate President Eduardo Bhatia

Senate President Eduardo Bhatia

SAN JUAN – Current Senate President Eduardo Bhatia was selected Monday by the Popular Democratic Party’s (PDP) caucus in the upper chamber as the next minority leader starting in January, while Sen. José Luis Dalmau will serve as alternate minority leader.

Caribbean Business sources indicated Bhatia and Dalmau’s selection early in the afternoon and then Aníbal José Torres, the current Senate majority leader confirmed that the party delegation’s determination was reached after an inclusive analysis and extensive deliberation among its senators.

Bhatia immediately assured that oversight would be the priority of his delegation during the next four years.

“The mandate to apply oversight given to us by the people is clear and from the Senate, we will be a strong, forceful and vigilant voice to work for the new Puerto Rico. Likewise, we will be attentive and active with the government reforms that will be introduced by the Fiscal Oversight Board,” the Senate president said.

So far, the PDP will be represented by reelected Sens. Bhatia, José Luis Dalmau, Rossana López León, Aníbal José Torres, José R. Nadal Power, Miguel “Cuco” Pereira and Cirilo Tirado Rivera.

PDP electoral commissioner Guillermo San Antonio Acha announced it will ask the entities concerned if a another seat is added to the party, in which case that position would be occupied by the candidate for the Senate for the district of Guayama, attorney Juan Pablo Hernández, who received 90,587 votes.

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