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Bill Prohibiting Prasa from Charging New Customers Old Debts Stuck in Legislative Limbo

By on February 20, 2016

SAN JUAN – New Progressive Party Rep. Luis “Tato” León requested from House Speaker Jaime Perelló and the lower chamber’s majority Saturday that a measure be passed prohibiting the Puerto Rico Aqueduct and Sewer Authority (Prasa) from requiring the payment of any outstanding balance from previous subscribers in any specific property to a new subscriber occupying it. The bill was first introduced Feb. 17, 2015, but the legislative assembly has taken no action on it yet.

“We face a crisis without precedent that has forced us to find solutions to promote our economy. We cannot punish an individual for the actions of another. That cannot happen. This bill gives justice to thousands of families that are in some sort of limbo, stuck with the previous tenant’s bill. We ask the speaker of the House, Jaime Perelló, to send this bill to the floor for voting as soon as possible,” said León.

The lawmaker pointed to the text of Prasa’s Rules and Regulations, where it is clearly stated that the responsibility of paying for the service contracted and received falls on the subscriber. Nevertheless, according to León, despite the clarity of said disposition, Prasa has denied service to new customers alleging there is a pending balance for water consumption from a previous tenant.

“Aside from not being able to find any legal basis that could justify such action, it is absolutely unjust and unreasonable to penalize a person for someone else’s debt,” León said.


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