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Bus Authority Union Commends Improvements Amid Fiscal Crisis

By on June 12, 2016

SAN JUAN – The United Workers Union of the Metropolitan Bus Authority (Tuama by its Spanish acronym) highlighted recent improvements in the service offered by the bus authority, presided by Héctor Iván Santos.

Tuama President Alexis Merced Gutiérrez (Inter News Service photo)

Tuama President Alexis Merced Gutiérrez (Inter News Service photo)

“With the same seriousness and diligence with which we highlight administrative errors affecting public transportation service, today we highlight the improvements in efficiency that public transportation has reached through joint efforts between the administration and Tuama,” its president, Alexis Merced, said.

According to the union, the Bus Authority’s working fleet increased in the past 14 months from 32 to 92 units. “Not only have we nearly tripled the available units, but we have also improved the capture of federal reimbursements by establishing procedures and new performance metrics,” Merced said.

He explained that among the advancements made were a “parts supply improvement, the remodeling of the Carolina terminal, and an atmosphere of mutual trust, in which dialogue is the key tool for conflict resolution, also prevails.”

“We highlight the initiatives and efforts of President and General Manager Héctor Iván Santos, combining efforts to provide the public with reliable and excellent mass transit. We urge other public service sectors to use the Bus Authority as an example. It has been demonstrated here that the inclusion of workers in the search for solutions benefits the agency and therefore the people,” the union leader said.

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