CAP Management & Leadership Conference Being Held in San Juan

2020 Management & Leadership
Training Conference (MLTC), taking place Jan. 8–10 at the Sheraton Hotel in the Puerto Rico Convention
Center District, is bringing together hundreds of professionals to participate
in “Community
Action: A Bridge to Opportunity.”

event is part of the Community Action Partnership (CAP), to which the Puerto
Rico Community Socio-Economic Institute (Insec) is affiliated.

MLTC is offered to staff leaders working at community action agencies. The 2020
MLTC features intensive training, structured roundtable discussions and
networking opportunities.

the main topics being addressed are disaster relief and preparedness, economic
development, health, racial equity and partnerships, to name a few.

a recent interview with Caribbean Business, Insec Executive Director Dr.
Jacquelina Rodríguez said the conference is held annually to offer management
and leadership skills to participants.

year, we meet and receive training and exchange success stories,” Rodríguez
said. “We also receive continuing education in results-oriented…and accountability-case

provides integrated services to low-income communities living under the poverty
levels established by the federal government. Insec promotes overcoming poverty
through the provision of integrated services with technical and educational
tools that promote economic and social self-sufficiency for individuals,
families and low-income communities in Puerto Rico.

CAP is a national, 501(c)3 nonprofit membership organization that provides
technical assistance, training and other resources to Community Action
Agencies, nonprofits and public groups funded by the Community Services Block
Grant (CSBG), a federal program that allocates funding to states and
territories to connect citizens [and residents] with greater opportunities.

will be able to highlight what Insec [provides] and to offer workshops,”
Rodríguez said. “I chose to offer one [workshop] on economic development for
micro-businesses. has helped our program succeed We will have the opportunity
to discuss economic-development initiatives and how the educational component
has helped our program succeed in Puerto Rico.”

said Insec’s main objective is to “promote self-management among the residents
of the communities it serves, strengthening citizen participation and
encouraging the development of support networks among various community

As a result of this social development, leaders, volunteers
and residents are involved in the identification, design and implementation of
solutions to the problems that affect their communities. Among the programs Insec
offers to low-income citizens who qualify are an employment training program that offers work experience and
training workshops as a tool to achieve economic self-sufficiency.

said another Insec initiative is an economic-development
program that fosters a culture of economic self-sufficiency and
productivity by proposing self-employment as an alternative to unemployment and
economic dependence. Meanwhile, the emergency
services program provides financial assistance to meet the immediate
needs of people and families who are living through crisis situations, with the
purpose of promoting family stability and to reduce damages caused by
unforeseen situations.

economic-development/micro-enterprises program aims to foster a culture of
micro-enterprise development to generate economic activity and local
productivity, Rodríguez added.

achieve this socioeconomic change, the organization stimulates development through
feasible productive activities, with the potential for expansion and growth, providing
a [three-year] grant team for up to $5,000,” she noted.

is a local nonprofit that was incorporated in 1985 and is a CSBG-fund
recipient. Since 1985, Insec has been working with Puerto Rico communities with
limited economic resources. Through a comprehensive system of services, Insec
has enhanced opportunities that helped change the lives of individuals,
families and entire communities.

services offered by Insec include business-plan consulting, advice on buying or
selling a business, workforce incentives and nonprofit development.