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Carlos Master Muñoz Makes an Impact on Puerto Rico Entrepreneurs

By on April 8, 2021

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By Janizabeth Sánchez Carrasquillo

Mexican entrepreneur Carlos Master Muñoz, the creator of the academy @ Instituto11 and more than 15,000 hours of digital content, came to empower Puerto Rican entrepreneurs with his vision.

The key to the success is very clear, “if a single person is impacted and feels empowered” by his message, he has already “fulfilled his mission.”

Carlos Master Muñoz and Carlos Figueroa

With those words, the mexican entrepreneur, Muñoz, known as one of the producers with the most hours of valuable entrepreneurial content on the internet, set foot on Puerto Rican soil this past Thursday as part of his Fly Mastermind event, where they focus on content and courses of value for those participants who already have an established business and seek the globalization of their brand.

The Fly Mastermind program is part of Instituto 11, an educational platform dedicated to promoting entrepreneurship and exponential growth among Latin Americans.

“Our purpose is to empower one million entrepreneurs through experiences and content on different thematic businesses, and also to promote coaches and experts in different areas,” said David Mercado Lipe, leader of Instituto 11. “We are working on a special project where we want to meet successful entrepreneurs to learn about their trajectory, how they started in business, the difficulties they have had and how they have achieved the success of their businesses.”

Abigail Preston and Jay Kinder

“The purpose of this project is to find exceptional entrepreneurs and set up a platform where they can give their experience and knowledge back to other business owners in the Latin American community,” Mercado Lipe added. “In our program, we have all kinds of entrepreneurs, lawyers, software developers, real estate companies, doctors, merchants, retail distributors, e-commerce experts, consulting companies, among others.”

During the event, Muñoz spent time with local real estate industry entrepreneurs in search of solutions to their challenges and, therefore, greater monetization.

In addition to being mentored by Muñoz, the event featured a panel made up of entrepreneurs from the stateside real estate industry who focus on the Latino markets.

Gabriela Berrospi

The event was also aimed at sharing business strategies with successful Puerto Rican entrepreneurs, including auto dealership owners, food producers and renewable energy companies.

The event’s speakers were:

  • As a guest speaker: Jay Kinder, real estate counseling expert, @eXpRealty.
  • Carlos Figueroa, real estate agent in San Diego, Calif., known as “The Agent of the People,” @carloselfigueroa.
  • Gabriela Berrospi, known as “La Wall Street Latina,” is the Peruvian-Puerto Rican founder of @latinowallst and a stock market investing teacher.
  • Abigail Preston, Latin-Mexican from San Diego, ProRealtor, passionate about fitness and entrepreneur, mother and CEO of Morada Realty, @theabigailpreston.
Jay Kinder, Carlos Master Muñoz, Abigail Preston and Carlos Figueroa (Jonnatan Torres Ortiz/ for Caribbean Business)

Janizabeth Sánchez Carrasquillo is an independent journalist, brand person specialist and social media manager.

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