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Carolina Mayor Awaits Perelló Decision to Leave Party Ballot

By on September 11, 2016

CAROLINA, Puerto Rico – Carolina Mayor José Aponte Dalmau said Sunday he is waiting for former House Speaker Jaime Perelló to decide on his own to not form part of the Popular Democratic Party (PDP) ballot in Nov. 8.

PDP President and gubernatorial candidate David Bernier requested that Perelló abstain from running for a political seat after his involvement in the government corruption scandal headed by Anaudi Hernández, a now-convicted PDP fundraiser.


Carolina Mayor José Aponte Dalmau

Aponte Dalmau said Perelló represents the island’s lack of values.

“Puerto Rico doesn’t need more politicians. This country doesn’t need them. What this country needs is more public servants. This country needs to walk hand in hand with people leading a government that wants to attend citizens’ needs, and with people with commitment, capability above all, and honest. Those are values,” the mayor said during his visit Sunday to a low-income housing community in Sabana Abajo, along with Bernier, who presented his plan to boost the socioeconomic development of the island’s low-income housing residents.

“This means that we cannot allow a lack of values in the PDP or the government, and Jaime Perelló represents that at the moment. [Bernier] has requested that [Perelló] resign his candidacy, as with Mari Tere González of the Mayagüez District. The president of our party has made a valid call and request. I hope our colleague Perelló understands what this means and I trust he will understand… [which] Puerto Rico needs to move forward,” he added.

Aponte Dalmau said he won’t be acting as intermediary between Bernier and Perelló, since that falls on Bernier due to his role in the PDP.

For his part, Bernier said he hasn’t been in contact with the former House president, but assured the PDP remains firm and united despite the federal trial against Hernández and the others accused.

“I made this call public, but the decision is his because I don’t have the tools, neither procedural nor legal, and the country knows me and I will continue as long as I deem it necessary, making recommendations directed toward what I believe necessary for the country to trust its institutions and the government it deserves,” the party president said.

“My call goes to his conscience. I have gone to court several times–I’ve done it every time I could. Everything that has been regulatory, that I can protect, I’ve done it, and when not, I have made my general expressions and that is what all parties must do. That is the path political institutions must take so the country can regain trust in its institutions once again,” he emphasized.

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