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CEE Officials Called to Testify Before Senate Panel on Electronic Vote Counting

By on April 20, 2016

SAN JUAN—The Senate’s Government Committee has summoned officials from the State Elections Commission (CEE by its Spanish acronym) to testify before the panel at a Thursday public hearing probing the CEE’s implementation of electronic vote counting, committee chairperson Ángel Rosa said Wednesday.

Angel Rosa

Senate Government Committee Chair Ángel Rosa

The officials called upon to testify include CEE President Liza García Vélez and her management team, as well as the electoral commissioners for all certified political parties. “Although the CEE has given some details publicly about how it will apply electronic vote counting in the June 5 primaries, it has not given the complete information, and the public needs to know the full details, as well as the commissioners’ various perspectives,” Rosa said.

The senator for the Popular Democratic Party said it is important to disseminate information widely about electronic vote counting, “because voters need to be educated about the process, due to its novelty on the island. It corresponds to the CEE to implement the system correctly so that it operates at full capacity in time for the primaries and general elections,” the senator added.

The CEE is required to deliver a detailed plan regarding the implementation of electronic vote counting to the Legislature. However, Rosa confirmed that the CEE has not yet delivered such a document.

“This is precisely one of the issues that we will discuss during the hearing, as well the alternatives available to pay suppliers,” Rosa noted. “Knowing the fiscal situation, we must all do our part to make this project come to fruition and carry out the necessary adjustments to repeat the process successfully by the time November general elections arrive. Democracy has a cost and it behooves us all to pay it.”

The hearing will take place at 9:00 am on Thursday at the Miguel Ángel García Méndez room in the Senate Annex.

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