Thursday, March 23, 2023

Chocolate Cortés and La Borinqueña Join Forces to Promote the Arts

By on June 15, 2021

“As part of the 90-year history of Cortés Hermanos, we decided to develop an alliance with graphic novelist Edgardo Miranda Rodríguez, who has worked for large companies such as Marvel, Sony, and Atlantic Records. We are sure that this campaign will raise awareness about the power of education through the arts and show the work we do every day for the benefit of our communities,” said Ignacio Cortés Gelpí, president of Cortés Hermanos, LLC.

Meanwhile, Miranda-Rodríguez said his comic series was created to unite Boricuas living in the mainland U.S. with those residing on the island.

“This alliance with Chocolate Cortés provides a unique opportunity for La Borinqueña to make itself known to both groups simultaneously and on a broader scale,” Miranda-Rodríguez said. “I hope that it will be an important step to share with the world the history of our people.”

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